Cancer Kickin' Critters is a nonprofit set up to bring joy to children in the hospital fighting cancer. We hand-make stuffed toys and donate them to children's hospitals. These Critters are delivered to children with cancer, especially those children staying in the hospital for an extended period. We also provide "Critter Creation Kits" for patients who are able to stuff and stitch their own toys. Some Critters are dropped off in "Mimi's Mailboxes," small decorated mailboxes outside the rooms in the cancer wing at Children's National. Critters are also donated to cancer support groups such as INOVA Life with Cancer and Children in Need of Smiles, and Aunt Jen is helping to collect donations in Boulder, Colorado! We also work with local groups to create handmade toys and teach new knitters and crocheters this rewarding hobby.

I'm Noelle, a 17 year old who started knitting toys for children four years ago when my best friend, Amelia, was diagnosed with Peripheral T-cell lymphoma in the seventh grade. I knitted on the long drive to visit her in the hospital to keep my mind occupied during the stressful time and we knitted together during her treatment. I gave her several knitted toys and hats, and soon evolved into making toys for other children in the hospital. I have been knitting and crocheting since 5th grade and love to share my hobby with children battling cancer and hope to help others to do the same. Thanks to all of the educational, religious, art and business groups for supporting our mission and spreading the word to local knitters and crocheters! 
I'd love to hear from you! If you have any questions about our organization, have questions about childhood cancer awareness or want to get involved, please email Noelle at cancerkickincritters@gmail.com.​

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